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Channel 2's Eric Sowl tells us why a crumbling structure in Nome started a race against time to save a piece of history whose importance reaches beyond Alaska. VIDEVIDEO - Click here

Seppala House Project

The Seppala House was a gift to Urtha Lenharr by Krier Enterprise of Nome, Alaska. Tony Krier had told Urtha years ago that if he wanted the building to preserve the memory of Nome resident, Leonhard Seppala, that he could have it. The Winter  of 2018, the City of Nome earmarked some buildings in Nome for destruction because of their abandonment and unsafe condition…..Seppala’s House was one of them. Patrick Krier approached Lenharr in March and asked Urtha if he still wanted that building that he needed to move the building off the Krier property, that it was scheduled for destruction. Immediately Lenharr jumped on the opportunity, and Krier Enterprise had their attorney draft of a letter of GIFT of  said building for the purpose of restoration and museum.  It was at that point that THE LEONHARD SEPPALA HOUSE PROJECT was born.

While in Nome for Iditarod 2018, some local Nome contractors were contacted to see if they could move the building off city property once the snow was melted during reconstruction time. Mayor Richard Beneville told Urtha he had his undying support of this Project and would do his part to help with anything related to this endeavor. Many Nome folks including the Nome Kennel Club are very enthusiastic about saving of this historic structure,and the accomplishments he made for all Siberian Husky owners of today.

Leonhard Seppala introduced the Siberian Husky breed of dogs to the world of sled dog mushing.

LEONARD SEPPALA HOUSE, BERING STREET, SOUTH OF SECOND STREET, ON EAST SIDE, LOOKING NORTHEAST - City of Nome, Nome, Nome Census Area, AK ~ Source: Library of Congress http://www.loc.gov/pictures/collection/hh/item/ak0010.photos.000515p/







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